Friday, January 22, 2010


Alright. Here's the deal: Fandom Picks is canceled.

Have I lost faith in what I was trying to do here? No, but what use is the effort if no one appreciates it? I had an idea. It didn't work out. End of story - I am moving on. I'll still be around the cyberweb, of course, just... not here.

So, in conclusion, I want to thank all the lovely, talented people who allowed me to showcase their work here - you guys are awesome. Keep making Fandom proud!

Warm regards,

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fansite - The Less Than Legendary Journeys

Growing up, one of my favorite shows was Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. It enraptured and inspired me, drew me in, and undoubtedly left a profound impression upon my imagination. As with any of the shows I love, I periodically go back and watch it all through again - a process which often also demands the reading of fanfiction.

The Less Than Legendary Journeys is the home of excellently written fanfiction by a diverse group of talented writers. The tales reside within a "shared universe" in which many of the stories correlate with one another, though, they are often by different authors. The best thing about the fanfiction on this site, however, is the grand quality of the tales shared. They're superb - the characters are spot-on, their adventures believable, and the stories themselves thoroughly delightful.

I really enjoy the fanfiction at
The Less Than Legendary Journeys - they even have a graphics' section and other cool stuff! Though, it would seem it has been some time since the writers actively participated in writing for the site, I was delighted to find it is still around (as are many of the authors, so be sure to send them reviews!). Full of a number of inspiring works, The Less Than Legendary Journeys is well-worthy of its place as this week's Fandom Pick.


Site Name: The Less Than Legendary Journey
Fandom(s): Hercules: The Legendary Journeys; Young Hercules
Type: Fanfiction, Graphics

The Less Than Legendary Journeys
(click to visit)


Saturday, January 9, 2010

SN FanArt - Plastic!Winchester Theater

In all honesty, I consider myself more 'inspired' than 'creative'. Lots of things inspire me into some sort of action or emotion, but my success at actually pulling things off is often quite limited. Which is why the creativity of some people simply astounds me...

I discovered
Plastic!Winchester Theater on a profile, though, sadly, I can't recall whose. Following the link, I was delighted at what I found. What happens when you take one loyal (or perhaps 'obsessed' LOL) fan, some dolls, a camera, and the imagination and motivation to do something with it all? Well, pure, unadulterated and endlessly entertaining CRACK, of course! And something like Plastic!Winchester Theater.

A 'must-see' for any and all Supernatural fans with a healthy sense of humor,
Plastic!Winchester Theater is truly a work of art and this week's Fandom Pick.


Creator: Anteka
Title: Plastic!Winchester Theater
Fandom/Type: Supernatural/Fanart
Genre: Humor
Venue: LiveJournal (click to read)


Saturday, January 2, 2010

SG-1 Fic - Who Am I? Who Are You?

Some of my most favorite stories and authors have been found on the favorites' lists of others; Who Am I? Who Are You? is no exception.

The tale opens with Jon, Colonel Jack O'Neill's teenage clone, who finds himself struggling to figure out who he is after the life he had known is no longer his. His career, his team - his family - all has been stripped away from him, leaving a lonely void.

Then, into this void steps another lonely soul: Cassandra.

A story of two people and the solace they are able to find in each other through the trials that are life and just growing up (again!),
Who Am I? Who Are You? is a beautiful account and this week's Fandom Pick.


Author: KellethMetheus
Story: Who Am I? Who Are You?
Fandom/Type: SG-1/Chapter Fic
Genre: H/C, Drama, Romance
Venue: (click to read)


Friday, January 1, 2010


First of all:


All the best to everyone in 2010!

The first Pick of the year is scheduled for tomorrow - it's a rather sweet one, a bit on the mushy side. I realize there's been a good amount of romance, recently, so I'll do my darndest to remedy that so ya'll have some variety. The good news is: You can help!

Yes, you! My goal for this blog this year is to drag some interaction out of folks out there. I'm endeavoring to share some great fanwork with other fandom-lovers out there, and I hope that all of you will be willing to do the same.

Have a suggestion for a fic, vid, artist, or author that you think is Pick-worthy? Drop me a note!!! You can do so in a comment or send me a message via e-mail. Tell me what you read or watch or admire so I can enjoy it, too! Heck, ya'll can even recommend your own work!

Also, I am looking into recruiting some "staff" as there's a high probability that I might not be able to tend to this blog for a good part of the coming year. Ideally, I would like some staff who are involved in many fandoms, not just one or two - the more the merrier. You should also have at least some awareness of the different elements of fandom: fanfiction, fanvids, artwork, etc.

If you're interested in contributing to this project, let me know!

Speak up. Be heard. Help Fandom Picks become a place where you can do just that.


Saturday, December 26, 2009

SN Author - Bambers2

Before I had even joined the fandom, myself, my best friend told me that I had to read the work of an author by the name of Bambers2. When I finally made my way to the profile of this talented author, I found a smorgasbord of brilliantly written tales.

Easily one of the most talented writers of any fandom, Bambers' writing brilliantly covers the entire spectrum of genres: gen, angst, humor, suspense - even the occasional bit of romance. I highly recommend her tale So Not Following the Yellow Brick Road and her AU series (after the conclusion of season 3) Angels and Demons.

Few people possess the talent of Bambers2 - and I'm not necessarily speaking only of fanfic writers. Her stories are truly a must-read for Supernatural fans everywhere.


Author: Bambers2
Story: So Not Following the Yellow Brick Road
Fandom/Type: Supernatural/Chapter fic
Genre: Humor
Venue: Link Here (click to read)

Title: Angels and Demons
*First Story: When Angels Close Their Eyes
Fandom/Type: Supernatural/Series
Genre: Gen/Angst/AU
Venue: Link Here (click to read)


Saturday, December 19, 2009

SN Fic - Sneeze

It started with a sneeze. Then another. And another. And... well, let's just say that this delightful drabble collection has been affectionately dubbed Snot Without Plot (SWP) by the author, Mad Server.

Now, with more than 30 hilarious little... well,
sneezes, mostly on the part of Dean, but some good contributions from Sam, these drabbles never fail to bring a smile to my face. (Along with the more-than-occasional 'Ew.... Gross!') So, give 'em a read - and be sure to bring some tissues!


Author: Mad Server
Title: Sneeze
Fandom/Type: Supernatural/Drabble Collection
Genre: Humor
Venue: (click to read)